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The Peak Performance Tune-Up | HVAC Tune-Up in Phoenix, AZ

Introducing the 100-Point Peak Performance Tune-Up

Here in Phoenix, where temperatures reach the 120’s, a conventional tune-up just doesn’t cut it. So the pros at George Brazil threw away the old playbook and started from scratch, resulting in what we call the Peak Performance Tune-Up. The Peak Performance Tune-Up is a 100+ point evaluation of your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and includes a complete condenser disassembly and reassembly–something no other contractor in the state offers. It’s the kind of service George Brazil himself would be proud of. And for just $149, it’s one of the best HVAC deals you’ll find anywhere.

Certified Trusted Advisors

The Certified Trusted Advisor designation is a title we bestow upon technicians who complete a rigorous technical training course and display an unwavering commitment to the customers in their care.

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The Peak Performance Difference


Peak Performance Tune-UpOther HVAC Tune-Ups
Number of tune-up checkpoints> 100 points< 20 points
Tune-up “time to complete”90+ minutes< 30 minutes
Includes heating, cooling, and ventilation systems
Full home exploration & assessment
Clean drain lines
Condenser disassembly + cleaning
Red-carpet rollout and shoe covers
Performed by a Certified Trusted Advisor
Physical copy of your system’s “Health Report Card”
Videos + pictures of your tune-up service
Suggestions for future repairs and service
Reduces chance of breakdowns
Extends system lifespans
Renews warranty coverage

Certified Trusted Advisors

It’s not just what we do that matters…
It’s Who We Send

George Brazil pioneered the Certified Trusted Advisor program to ensure a standard of care that goes above and beyond what other contractors provide:

  • Over 100+ hours of training: We’ve designed one of the most comprehensive training programs in the state to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality service, every time.
  • Ethics is the pillar of the program: A Certified Trusted Advisor is a service designation more than anything else. It’s a mindset of how to treat our customers and give each one the kind of outstanding service George Brazil is known for.
  • Regular evaluations and reviews: Even after a technician becomes a Certified Trusted Advisor, they are assessed for the care they deliver to each customer and receive ongoing training to ensure up-to-date industry knowledge.

Tune-Up Process

The Peak Performance Tune-Up Process

  1. 1. Request your tune-up

    Homeowners can request a tune-up by George Brazil by requesting service online or by calling (602) 842-0009. VIP members are notified when it’s time for their bi-annual tune-up visit.

  2. 2. Enjoy a red-carpet rollout

    Your Certified Trusted Advisor will call to let you know they’re on the way. As soon as they arrive, they’ll roll out the red carpet on your doorstep and don shoe covers before entering your home.

  3. 3. Get a comprehensive home assessment

    Your Certified Trusted Advisor will perform a thorough walkthrough to assess ventilation and comfort levels in every room of the home. Your input is an essential part to this, and your Advisor is happy to answer any questions!

  4. 4. Relax while we perform your tune-up

    Our Peak Performance Tune-Up is unlike anything else in Phoenix. Other contractors may be in and out of your home within a few minutes. Our tune-up takes at least 90 minutes and involves a checklist of over 100 items. It may be the most comprehensive tune-up in the country, and the results speak for themselves!

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“They were both highly efficient, they follow through, clean up, wear shoe coverings when entering my home, and go above and beyond what is expected..."

-- Review by Suzanne T. on 3/21/24 from Google

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