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Why Does My Home Get So Dusty So Fast? [FAQ]

Does dusting your home feel like a futile effort?

You’ve tried all the usual tricks (changing your air filter monthly, using a pleated air filter, using a HEPA vacuum cleaner) but it’s still no good.

So what’s the deal?

Well, it could be any number of things. But one possibility is that you have leaky air ducts.

Let us explain.

The cause of a dusty home: leaky air ducts

Air ducts are the pathways for heated and cooled air to travel around your home. And, according to ENERGY STAR, the typical home loses 20% to 30% of air traveling through the air duct system due to leaks, holes or gaps around fittings or unsealed joints between duct sections.

These costly leaks let heated or cooled air escape and draw dirty, dusty air into your heating and cooling system.

For example, let’s say you have air duct leaks in your attic. When your AC runs in summer, your ducts will lose some cold air and draw in hot, dusty attic air, which will then be distributed around your home.

So as soon as you finish dusting, your AC will spit MORE dust back into your home.

In Arizona’s summer, your AC is running constantly—so your dusting will never end!

The solution: Seal your air ducts

To see if you need air duct sealing, an HVAC contractor will inspect your system to see how bad the leakage problem is.

If they determine that you have a leakage problem, they should:

  • Inspect your entire duct system, including attic and crawlspaces
  • Repair damaged and disconnected ducts and straighten out flexible ducts that are tangled or crushed
  • Seal all leaks and connections with sheet metal, mastic, caulking or hardcast
  • Evaluate airflow after completing their repairs

Think your air ducts need sealing?