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Who Is The Man On The Truck?

George Brazil Man on the Truck

You may have seen him on our service trucks, maybe on our highway billboards, on TV, or possibly in your morning newspaper. Our logo is seen everywhere in the Phoenix metro area and it usually sparks people to ask: "Who is the guy on the truck? Is the guy on the side of the service truck a real person? Is it George Brazil, the owner?"

Answer: No, it is not the owner of the company, even though we do refer to the logo-man as "George". The man is, however, modeled after a real person, or should we say persons...

Back in the early 70's, George Brazil, the owner and founder of George Brazil Home Services, decided he wanted to create an image of the perfect technician to represent the company. He wanted this icon to be a representation of his team of technicians, showing every homeowner what to expect when they "Call George."

You will notice from the iconic logo design, that this friendly looking man features, a starch white, clean uniform, neatly tucked for a professional appearance. He is holding a toolbox and flashlight, with his sleeves rolled up, looking to be prepared for any situation coming his way.

This logo was designed using two live models chosen by George Brazil himself. One model was used for the body of the man and the other model was used for the face. This mash of models was before the time of Photoshop or any of the other advanced computer design tools. The logo was made using negative reliefs through screen printing and has stayed the same since it's creation. George Brazil had hoped this logo would set the expectation of the kind of team he lead and the service that customers would value for years.