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Strapped for Cash? 2 Ways to Afford a New Air Conditioning and Heating System

Ugh, you don’t want to do this, but you know you need to: You have to buy a new central air conditioning and heating system.

But you don’t have $6,000+ conveniently laying around.

Fear not.

You can afford a new system without going bankrupt using these 2 methods:

1) Rebates

Rebates give you money back, off the total cost of the system. Find rebates through your utilities companies or a trusted HVAC company, like George Brazil.

For example:

Keep in mind that these rebates are usually dependant on the system’s efficiency. For example, an AC’s efficiency is measured in SEER (basically the AC’s MPG.)

Check out these SEER savings calculators to see how much money you’ll save with ACs that have different efficiency ratings.

2) Financing through an HVAC contractor

Heating and cooling contractors, usually partner with banks to offer low-interest (and sometimes 0% interest) financing to give you the funds you need to purchase a new system.

But be sure to look over the details of the financing agreement, or you could pay more in the long run than you’re expecting.

For example, many 0% monthly options have what’s called “deferred interest.” That means if you don’t pay off the loan within a time specified in the agreement, you’ll be charged a high interest rate from the purchase date.

But if you do pay off the entire system within the time specified in the loan (and you definitely should), you won’t pay any interest.

Learn about deferred interest from creditcards.com.

Need financing help and live in Phoenix metro area?

We’ve got your back! We offer several financing options and rebate options for new cooling and heating systems.

Contact us today to get a free system estimate and consultation on how you may qualify for financing and rebates for your new HVAC unit purchase.