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This Color Drapes Saves you 33% on Cooling Bills

Summer’s in full force here in the Valley. Which means, you’re likely looking for ways to keep the AC bills low—without sacrificing your comfort.

The good news is that there’s an easy way to keep your home cool and your energy bills low and it starts with the color of your curtains.

In fact, according to Energy.gov, medium-colored drapes can save you up to 33%on your monthly energy bills.

How? Well, 48% of the heat that enters your home comes in via your windows. But light to medium-colored curtains reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.

We’ll explain what qualifies as a “medium” color and how the color of your drapes affects your cooling bills.

Why “medium-colored” curtains = summer savings

First off, the curtain colors that qualify as “medium-colored” include:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Light colors (light blue, green, etc)

But why medium-colored drapes? Why not dark drapes? Well, darker colors actually absorb more heat while lighter colors reflect heat.

Think about it—ever regretted wearing a black shirt on a hot summer day? That’s because black actually attracts heat. A lighter-colored shirt (or curtains) rejects heat, keeping you cooler.

But there are a few other features besides color to consider when choosing your drapes. Let’s take a look…

Other drapery features to consider

  • Fabric

The heavier the fabric, the more heat it keeps out of your home.

So, when given the choice, choose a heavy fabric like cotton or wool. Heavier fabrics also muffle annoying outdoor sounds, keeping your home peaceful and quiet.

  • Plastic backings

When buying drapes, make sure that they have white, plastic backings. Why? Plastic absorbs very little heat energy. So drapes with white plastic backings will reject even more heat than a medium-colored drape with no backing at all.

  • Length

Some homeowners buy curtains that only extend to the length of the window. But Energy.gov suggests buying medium-colored drapes that extend to the floor. The reason? Even though you’re blocking the direct sunlight with a window-length curtain, heat can still sneak in past the curtain line.

When you use curtains that run to the floor, you prevent heat from entering the room at all.

Another tip: Make sure the curtains fit as closely to the window frame as possible.

Don’t forget the #1 way to keep AC bills low

The reality of the situation is that we live in Phoenix—and our drapes can’t keep out 100% of the heat all the time. That said, keeping your air conditioner regularly maintained (once a year) is the best way to keep your cooling bills low.

Why? Well, AC maintenance keeps your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently so that it can keep you cool without running up your energy bills.

Plus, regular maintenance prevents breakdowns and keeps your AC warranty valid.

Learn more about our AC maintenance services.

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