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The George Brazil’s Ultimate Service Truck

Over the last 62 years, owner George Brazil, has been designing and modifying service trucks to prepare every technician for whatever a service call may require. In the mid 1980′s, the George Brazil team introduced the Warehouse on Wheels at the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association of the Greater Los Angeles Area (PHCC GLAA) Expo.

George Brazil knew there was a way to load the truck with anything and everything a plumbing, heating and cooling technician would need, from nuts and bolts to water heaters and entire toilets. By filling the truck with as much equipment as possible, the technician could respond more quickly to calls or emergencies with the actual parts needed to make the repair. However, he also understood there was a science to organizing the truck in a way that made it quick and easy for the technician to find whatever they needed within a moment’s notice. For over half a century now he has been constantly re-evaluating the equipment on each truck and discovering new ways to fit more. All packed in neatly and efficiently, the tools and equipment loaded onto each truck number in the thousands and have a total value of nearly $25,000. The inventory is actively counted every six weeks and adjusted according to business demands and seasonal needs.

The cube of the truck isn’t the only thing impressive about each truck, though. Every truckis fitted with an on board tracking system so the dispatch center knows exactly how close each technician is to the next call and to locate the truck nearest you, saving you precious time in an emergency. Seven inch LCD screens in each cab, show the driver the rear view, allowing them to drive safely in forward or reverse. Even the signature orange and white paint job on each truck has been taken to the next level. George spent over 20 years developing the orange paint to be colorfast and fade-resistant and now invests $500 on a single gallon.

When it comes to service and efficiency, George Brazil has got it down to an exact science. He has sparedno expense and considered every single detail to ensure the truck is where it needs to be at all times; in front of the client. Often referred to as George’s Ultimate Service Truck, the Warehouse on Wheels is a prime example of George’s commitment to being the best (and most prepared) plumbing heating and cooling service in the valley.