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The Best Time to Buy and Install an Air Conditioner in Phoenix

Air conditioners are a big purchase. But if you know when to buy, you can save a ton of money.

You see, air conditioners, like most of the things we purchase, are affected by supply and demand. There is an in season and an off season for the best times to buy.

So when exactly is the “season” for buying and installing an air conditioner in Phoenix and still getting the best price?

Well, it gets a little tricky with Phoenix weather but the general rule of thumb is to buy your air conditioner in the cooler months (February through May) when people don’t need to run their AC’s or furnaces aka, low demand.

We’ll explain why.

Why you should buy and install your AC in the cooler months

You’ll see lower contractor prices

When the weather is perfect in Phoenix, homeowners don’t have to turn on their air conditioners or furnaces. And that means people aren’t running into HVAC problems (they’re probably not even thinking about their heating/cooling systems).

With fewer calls coming in for AC or furnace repairs and replacements, HVAC contractors hit a lull in business and are therefore more likely to offer lower-than-usual prices to install an air conditioner.

You aren’t rushed to sign a contract

If you’re buying an air conditioner mid-summer in Phoenix, we guarantee you won’t take your time shopping around for the best deal. You’re probably seeking immediate relief from the heat and will settle for one of the first bids you receive, right?

But when you’re buying before the cooling season, there’s less urgency to replace your unit. That gives you time to shop around, get multiple bids and choose an experienced contractor who’s offering a competitive installation price accompanied by a warranty you can rely on.

Contractors have time to perform a quality installation

Some lower quality contracting companies will sloppily rush through an installation job, especially during the summer busy season. And a sloppy installation results in a unit that’s inefficient and costs you more money in the long run.

For example, some contractors cut corners when it comes to sizing your AC unit and resort to using rule of thumbs like square footage of your home to determine the size of AC you need. Instead, contractors should perform a Manual J load calculation to determine your AC size. A Manual J load calculation takes longer but it prevents you from getting a unit that is too small or too big for your home.

Having a contractor install your AC unit in the slower winter season will allow them to slow down and perform the job correctly.

Other tips on finding a good deal on your AC installation

  • Always tell contractors that you’re getting multiple bids. The truth is, you should always get estimates from multiple contractors. But being open about that with each contractor forces them to give you their best competitive price.
  • Search for rebates and financing options. Different states offer different rebate options for high efficiency air conditioners. For example, SRP offers Phoenix homeowners up to $800 back on high-efficiency air conditioners. Some contractors will also offer financing options that allow you to pay off the cost of an AC installation over time. Do some research to see what financing options different HVAC contractors offer.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away. Don’t get pressured into signing a contract with any contractor right away. Always ask them if their offered price is the best that they can do, then tell them that you’re still shopping around and will get back to them. More often than not, a contractor will knock down the price when they hear that response, in order to secure your business.
  • Beware of contractors who come down a lot on their price. Most likely, they’re able to dramatically reduce their price for you because they were planning to overcharge you in the first place and that’s a red flag that the contractor is dishonest. Keep looking.

Need an honest contractor at a reasonable price?

If you’re ready to save money and start shopping for your new air conditioner, we’re here to help.

We offer flexible financing, honest and experienced technicians and an easy installation process.