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Stop Your AC ASAP if You See This Chilling Sign

The “chilling” sign? Ice on your refrigerant lines.

Why is it so dangerous?

Because it will eventually destroy your AC (costing you anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000 depending on the cost of your AC system)

Think ice can’t build up in this Arizona heat? Think again. It can (and does) happen to many homeowners in our area.

We’ll explain why ice forms on refrigerant lines and what you should do if you ever see this on your AC.

Why you might see ice on your AC this summer

We know—it is odd to think that ice could grow on your air conditioner when Arizona temperatures can reach up to 115 degrees.

But it definitely happens when the refrigerant in your AC system gets too cold.

You see, your evaporator coil (the indoor AC unit) contains coils filled with cold refrigerant that absorb all the heat and moisture from your home’s air.

But when the refrigerant gets too cold, moisture from the air starts to freeze on the coils. Over time, the ice will spread along the refrigerant lines until it gets to your outdoor unit and destroys your AC’s compressor.

So what causes refrigerant to get too cold? Two common reasons include:

  1. Low airflow over the evaporator coil
  2. Low refrigerant due to a refrigerant leak

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What to do when you see ice on your AC

Step 1: Turn off your AC ASAP

If your AC continues to run, it will build more and more ice and eventually that cold refrigerant will travel to your compressor, destroying it. So, turn it off as soon as you see the ice and keep it off so that the ice can thaw.

Step 2: Call a professional to repair your AC before it’s too late

If you ever see ice forming on your air conditioner (no matter where it is), contact a professional immediately!

Waiting and continuing to run the AC can be a costly and an uncomfortable mistake.

How to prevent your AC from freezing up

Sometimes, homeowners make “AC blunders” that can cause their AC to ice up.

So, to help prevent this problem, avoid these 4 common AC mistakes:

  1. Not changing a dirty air filter. A clogged air filter “suffocates” your AC by blocking incoming air and reducing the airflow over your evaporator coil.
  2. Blocking return vents (vents that suck air in). If anything is blocking your AC return vents, this cuts off airflow to the evaporator coil.
  3. Closing supply vents (vents that push air out). If you close supply vents (even ones in unused rooms), it increases the pressure inside your system, causing your blower motor to blow less air over your evaporator coils.
  4. Not scheduling regular maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures your AC stays in tip-top shape and can prevent problems that lead to ice formation before they even happen. We suggest getting your AC maintained every year during the spring before the cruel summer heat sets in and sometimes in the fall after the heat has gone.

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Do you want to make sure your AC is summer-ready? Do you want to prevent pricey freeze-ups?