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Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Monsoon Season in Arizona

Landscape photo of a desert scenery with a small mountain in the background, behind a saguaro cactus, and with overcast, stormy skies.

Act now to protect your home during monsoon season in Phoenix, AZ.

June is right around the corner, and we all know what that means here in Phoenix, Arizona. The monsoons are coming, bringing dust, humidity, tree limbs, and other debris along for the ride.

We want to go over how you can better prepare your home as the season approaches once again.

Here are five essential steps to prepare for monsoon season in Arizona:

We’ll discuss each step in further detail below.

Protect Your Home with Professional Duct Cleaning and Sealing from George Brazil.

If your home’s air ducts are leaky or filled with dust, your household will suffer during the monsoon season. Call George Brazil’s NATE-certified technicians at (602) 842-0009 for expert duct cleaning and duct sealing service. We’ll thoroughly clean your ductwork to get your HVAC system running at peak efficiency. And if sealing is in order, enjoy lower energy bills as your AC won’t have to work as hard to cool your home.

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Clean Up Around Your Outdoor AC Unit

Ground level photo taken in the evening, from the corner of a swimming pool, showing pink floral shrubby, an outdoor patio area with a large sun umbrella, string lights, palm trees, and patio furniture against outdoor patio windows.

Take in patio furniture and umbrellas before monsoon season.

Landscaping is an important part of beautifying and maintaining your home, but so is empty space around your outdoor AC unit. Monsoon season comes with an intense wind that can easily blow around tree branches, loose pieces of bushes, uprooted flowers, piles of dirt, empty trash cans, and even outdoor furniture.

If those items make their way into your AC unit, you may have some monsoon season AC problems to take care of when the wind dies down. The best way to prevent those repair bills is to clear at least three to four feet around your outdoor AC unit.

Do you have a deck or patio within that area? Consider taking furniture cushions, umbrellas, and other lightweight items indoors before a storm hits. You can strap down furniture or otherwise secure them for the storms. That will protect your windows and siding in addition to your AC unit.

For any trees or plants elsewhere in your yard, ensure you've properly trimmed them before monsoon season hits Arizona. You may also want to have trees inspected if they show signs of disease or weakness. It’s often best to remove weakened or damaged trees than risk them falling on your home or AC unit.

Check Your AC Filter

Two grayish-white small, skinny air filters laying on a dark hardwood floor while a person vacuums them.

Do you need to change out your AC filter?

Monsoons kick up a lot of dust, which can make its way into your AC filter. If your filter is already dirty or almost full, you may have an ineffective filter that causes your AC system to work much harder than normal. A clogged filter can reduce indoor air quality, increase energy bills, and cause costly AC repair bills when not corrected quickly.

There are two main times you want to check your indoor air filter throughout Arizona’s monsoon season:

  • When you know a big storm is approaching
  • After a big storm moves through your area

That ensures you have a clean filter going into a big storm and cleanse your filter of dirt collected during each storm. You may change your filter more often during monsoon season than at other times of the year.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

HVAC Tech wearing a yellow hard hat, black sweater, and red work glove is hammering on a piece of ductwork in an attic crawlspace.

Get your ducts cleaned during monsoon season in Arizona.

Monsoon season is a great time for duct cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. Heavy rain increases the pollen count in the air. You may notice an increase in seasonal allergies just after a rainstorm, depending on the type of pollen that aggravates you most.

Having your ducts cleaned professionally before monsoon season hits ensures that you don’t end up with an overload of pollen in your system. Clean away the pollen, dirt, and other debris in your ducts before more piles on.

You should get your air ducts cleaned every three or four years. If you notice that your allergies worsen or your air quality worsens after just a couple of years, you may want to consider more frequent cleanings due to the intense monsoon season.

Consider Duct Sealing

As a monsoon rips through your neighborhood, what happens to the dust flying through the air? Much of it enters the ducts inside your home, often through attic vents. It then travels through the ducts and is processed through your filter and back out of your home.

Small cracks or holes in your ductwork leaks air within the ducts into your home, impacting your air purity. What happens when that air is filled with dirt kicked up by a monsoon? If you think the dirt pours into the home and significantly lowers indoor air quality, you’re correct.

You can fix this problem with a duct sealing. Experienced technicians will use advanced technology to identify and seal cracks or holes of all sizes. The sealing protects your indoor air quality and energy bills from costly air leaks.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Scheduling your annual AC tune-up just before monsoon season in Arizona is a great idea. It allows our well-trained, experienced technicians to look at all components of your system to check their functionality, safety, and efficiency. We will also clean the essential elements in your AC unit, ensuring they’re ready to take the stress of the upcoming monsoon season.

Routine maintenance is what keeps your AC unit efficient and strong. It’s the TLC that your system needs to maximize lifespan and work at peak performance throughout the most intense Arizona weather.

Need Trustworthy Duct Cleaning or Duct Sealing in Phoenix? Call George Brazil.

At George Brazil, we treat you like family. That means providing fast scheduling, upfront pricing, and honest recommendations.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your air ducts cleaned, or you’re concerned about leaking air to unconditioned spaces, book a free estimate with our friendly and knowledgeable technicians today at (602) 842-0009. We’ll carefully assess your home’s ductwork and comfort concerns and provide options best suited to your needs and budget.

As a BBB Torch Award for Ethics winner, George Brazil is proud to be Phoenix’s #1 choice for trustworthy HVAC service.

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