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Signs and Causes of An Inefficient AC

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Inefficient air conditioning can cause significant discomfort and serve as a warning sign for potentially costly repairs in the future if not addressed promptly. Ignoring these signs can eventually lead to the need for a complete AC unit replacement, resulting in higher expenses and the possibility of living without air conditioning while waiting for the new unit to be installed.

However, there is good news. By remaining vigilant for indicators that your AC is struggling and promptly calling a professional technician, you can prolong the lifespan of your unit and avoid uncomfortable emergency repairs. Here are some clues that your AC is struggling:

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Your AC is Short-Cycling

Short cycling is when your AC turns on and off too frequently, never allowing the unit to complete a full cycle. This can put the compressor under unnecessary strain, shortening its life span if the problem isn't fixed. A functional AC unit has a cycle of around 15 minutes and will kick on two or three times every hour. If your unit cycles more frequently, you could have a refrigerant leak, air filter clog, or faulty thermostat.

Your AC Struggles to Cool Your Home

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If your AC seems to be cycling as it should, but you've noticed your home isn't getting as cool as it used to, the difference could leave you and your loved ones uncomfortable when temperatures soar. Your air conditioner could be struggling for many reasons, so it's probably time to call in a trusted HVAC professional to diagnose the problem and offer repair solutions. Dirty or clogged air filters or dirty condenser coils can cause your unit to run poorly. A faulty compressor or refrigerant leak undercuts the system, preventing your AC from cooling your home no matter how hard it works. It's also possible you have the wrong size unit for your home or your house is poorly insulated. Whatever the problem, an HVAC expert can provide you with the best options to fix it.

Your AC Breaks Down More Often

Every AC unit will experience a little trouble now and then, but if you're calling for repairs more frequently and your unit continues to malfunction, it may be time to let the George Brazil team take a look. There could be maintenance issues that need to be addressed, faulty components that need to be replaced, or your air conditioner could be nearing the end of its life. A George Brazil licensed technician can give it a professional once over and let you know where it's going wrong, then provide you with all the repair solutions available. Depending on the triggering cause and frequency of malfunction, you'll discover whether your unit needs a little extra TLC or if it's time to start planning a replacement. Some of the most common reasons an air conditioner needs to shut down include:

  • Frozen AC: You'll know when your AC freezes up because it will start to blow warm air into your home. When something disrupts the refrigerant cycle in your unit, which can happen for various reasons, the refrigerant can no longer heat up enough to balance out the cooling cycle, causing ice to form and preventing normal performance.
  • Loud noises: If you hear rattling or banging when your AC kicks on, it's time to shut it down and schedule a service call. Although air conditioners can make significant noise while running, sharp noises can mean a component has broken and is being thrown around inside your unit.

How AC Maintenance Improves Efficiency

If you want to extend the life of your AC and avoid emergency repairs, keeping up with maintenance is your best defense against inefficient air conditioning. General maintenance, like changing out your filters or keeping your condenser coils clean, will ensure your system isn't working harder than it has to. When you keep up with scheduling your annual inspections with George Brazil Heating & Cooling, our team can look over common trouble areas and identify repair needs before they become a problem. Getting a jump on repairs keeps your costs low and protects the rest of your system from being overworked or damaged. When all components work as they should, and there are no leaks or clogs to impact airflow and refrigerant levels, your AC can perform at optimal levels and has a greater chance of cooling your home for its full 15 to 20-year average life span.

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