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How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost in Phoenix?

Updated April 2024

Worried about what’s lurking in your HVAC ductwork? It might be time for an air duct cleaning.

Getting your air ducts cleaned in Phoenix can cost anywhere from $1,102 to $1,900, with $1,500 being the average cost.

That’s a big range, we know.

Your duct cleaning cost will depend on these factors:

Before we talk about these duct cleaning cost factors, let’s determine whether you actually need your air ducts cleaned

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First, determine if your ducts really need cleaning

Many HVAC contractors push air duct cleaning “on a regular basis”, which isn’t really necessary. You should have them cleaned on an “as needed” basis.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should have your ducts cleaned when:

  • You can see mold growing inside your ducts or on other parts of your HVAC system.
  • Your ducts are infested with vermin (rodents, insects, etc.).
  • You notice dust or debris particles in your ducts or coming out of your supply vents.

If you notice any of these signs, you should have your air ducts cleaned right away.

Why? Well, cleaning out excessively dirty ducts will result in:

  • Lower energy costs. When your blower and vents are clogged with dust and debris, your system has to use more energy than it normally would to operate, causing long run times and high cooling/heating bills. Cleaning out that layer of dirt/dust will improve the system’s efficiency and lower its energy consumption.
  • Higher comfort. Dust and debris on a coil acts as an insulator, which prevents the evaporator coil (the part that cools the warm air) from working properly. This means your AC won’t be able to cool your home effectively. After a thorough cleaning, though, your system will be able to cool your home quickly and to the temperature you desire.

The pictures below are a great example of a dirty, inefficient HVAC system that benefited from duct cleaning. See the dirt on the blower and coil? That really slowed down airflow and hindered heat absorption, which made the system work a lot harder than it needed to.

Images before and after a duct cleaning in an air conditioner

Before-and-after pictures of air duct cleanings by George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating

Read more about when to get your air ducts cleaned in our article “3 Sure-Fire Signs You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned”.

Factors that impact the cost of an air duct cleaning

Cost factor #1: The size of your home

The bigger your home, the more expensive your air duct cleaning will be. Why is that? A bigger home will have more ductwork than a smaller home, so it will take more time to clean, increasing labor costs.

Most contractors will charge roughly $30–$35 to clean 1 supply vent and the ductwork connected to it. If your home has a lot of vents, you’re likely to pay the higher end of the cost range.

Cost factor #2: How dirty your ducts are

Dirtier ducts will take longer to clean. Your contractor may also have to use special equipment to get rid of excessive dust or debris buildup, which could increase the cost of your cleaning.

What if the contractor finds mold?

First, beware if an HVAC contractor tells you that you have mold. Only a mold remediation specialist can truly confirm that you have mold and then remove it.

Some dishonest techs may claim that you have mold just to increase the cost of the job.

If a mold remediation specialist confirms that have mold in your ductwork, the additional cost to have a professional remove the mold depends on whether you have…

  • Rigid ductwork (galvanized steel tubing). Mold removal on rigid ductwork in Phoenix can add $1,200–$1,500 to your total duct cleaning cost, between labor and additional tools to get rid of the growth.
  • Flexible ductwork (metal wire surrounded by plastic, insulation and foil or vinyl). If you have mold on flexible ductwork, you’ll most likely need to replace the duct, which will cost about $65–$95/foot not including labor fees.

Cost factor #3: The contractor you hire

Higher-quality contractors will charge more for their services. That’s because they have the training and experience to properly clean your ducts without damaging them.

Sure, you can find bargain deals like “$99 air duct cleaning”, but you get what you pay for. Careless contractors could damage the interior of your ducts, which can create leaks or holes like this one:

A hole in an air duct in a home

Hole in an air duct

Holes in your ductwork skyrocket your energy bills because the air you’re paying good money for escapes into unconditioned areas (i.e. the attic) and goes to waste. They can also make rooms in your home uncomfortable (too hot or cold) and humid.

Beware of these red flags

We recommend following the EPA’s guidelines for choosing an air duct cleaner. Don’t hire a contractor if they:

  • Recommend duct cleaning as routine maintenance. Some contractors will try to push regular duct cleaning to make a sale. It’s not necessary and should be done only as needed.
  • Don’t offer a free inspection or written estimate. It’s important to get a written estimate, so you know how much you’ll have to pay before any work begins. If the contractor charges for an inspection, look elsewhere because a lot of contractors don’t.
  • Aren’t licensed. Arizona requires contractors to have a special license for air duct cleaning, so make sure they can prove they’re licensed.
  • Don’t follow NADCA guidelines. Improper cleaning methods can seriously damage your HVAC system. Ask your contractor to give a written estimate for what they’ll do, then compare that to NADCA guidelines to make sure they plan on using safe, proper cleaning methods.
  • Have poor customer reviews. Bad online reviews will tell you the contractor doesn’t leave their customers satisfied, and most likely won’t leave you satisfied.

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