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  • Your service pro, Mikey was outstanding! He explained everything, was knowledgable, kind and very neat in our home. George Brazil is invited back anytime as our service provider. Thank you!
    Derek B.
  • β€œI used your service this evening for the first time. WOW. Very impressed. From the time I made the first call to the time Jorge arrived was only 35 minutes. He was so prompt, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous.”
    Micheal B.
  • β€œOn my NEW home I have had at least 3 different (EXPERTS) work on my home, but none compare to George Brazil in getting the job done right and on time.”
    Everett A.

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We serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, including the East and West Valley!

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George Brazil HVAC Service Area

To Catch An A/C Repairman

When Dateline NBC journalist Chris Hansen set up hidden cameras to determine whether local Arizona A/C repairmen are honest or not, our George Brazil HVAC tech shows up to show how it's done!

Watch the video to see our tech visit the home, find the problem, fix it, and then leave -- with no cost to the customer!

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