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Zzzz…Here’s the Best Temperature for Sleep

Have you ever gone to sleep on time, but you still feel like you did not sleep a wink?

Your thermostat may be set to the wrong temperature.

To get a good night's sleep, you should set your thermostat to around 65 degrees, according to National Sleep Foundation,

Brrr! Why so cold?

To understand why, you need to understand a little bit about your body’s “internal clock” and how temperature affects your sleep.

Understanding how temperature affects sleepiness

Your body temperature rises and falls slightly throughout the day. This pattern is tied to your body’s natural sleep-wake rhythm, according to a study by BioMed Central.

As your core body temperature increases, you’re more likely to stay awake. But as it decreases, you’re more likely to get into sleep mode.

That’s why your bedroom’s air temperature affects the quality of your sleep. If it’s too hot, it interferes with your body’s natural temperature dip, making you restless throughout the night.

So that’s why you should turn down the thermostat to a cooler temperature. It does not have to be 65 degrees exactly, because everybody’s body is different. But a cool, dark room is what you’re looking for.

4 cool ways to keep you cool—and sleepy

Here are a few ways to ensure that you keep your core temperature cool around bedtime.

Set a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will ensure that you’re consistent in keeping your bedroom at a cooler temperature around bed time.

Turn on your ceiling fan. A fan will help evaporate sweat off your skin, taking heat away from your body. This is called evaporative cooling.

Shower at night. When you step out of a nice hot shower, you’ll experience rapid evaporative cooling. This lowers your core body temperature just like turning on a fan.

Drink cold water before bed. Drinking ice-cold water at night cools your core temperature, priming your body for sleep.

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