What is Cleaned in a Duct Cleaning by George Brazil?

2013 Oct 16
Posted in: Air Conditioning

Are you considering having your home's air ducts cleaned and not really sure what to expect from the service, or if you will even notice the difference? Maybe you are wondering why you should do it in the first place and what the benefits would be. We wanted to share a few before and after pictures to show you that you will notice the difference in your home's air and heating system efficiency, as well as in overall air quality.

Your ducts are not the only parts of your ventilation system that get a good cleaning! We also take precautions to cover your furtniture and valuables so not to spill any dirt or dust on them as we move our machine from duct area to duct area. We securely cover your vents so that when we are cleaning your ducts, air does not blow dust through them and onto your things. 

Below are a few before (dirty) and after (clean) pictures of a Blower, Coil and Main Duct Trunk for you to see proof of what we promise.