Beat the Rush on AC Tune-ups!!!

2012 Jan 06
Posted in: Air Conditioning

The holidays are over and January is here! It should be a winter wonderland and somehow we are still enjoying beautiful weather in the 70’s! Let the warm weather be a reminder of the hot summer to come and be sure to beat the rush on having your air conditioning unit properly maintained.

The last thing you want at the start of a long summer is to turn on your air conditioner only to discover it isn’t working appropriately. And even small problems which may not be immediately noticeable can lead to inefficiencies that will have a huge impact on your utility bill. A properly maintained ac unit is more likely to last longer and require fewer repairs throughout the life of the unit. With a George Brazil 47-Point AC Tune-up, we guarantee your air conditioning system is not only working, but that it’s working at its highest possible efficiency.

Call George Brazil today and ask one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives to schedule you an appointment to have your AC maintained.  You’ll be so happy you called now, that you’ll stop worrying about the summer to come and enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts.