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4 Ways to Make Your AC Last Longer in Arizona

2019 Apr 29
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4 Ways to Make Your AC Last Longer in Arizona

If you live in Arizona, you want to make sure your air conditioning system lasts as long as possible.

The typical lifespan of an AC is 10-15 years.

However, if you neglect your AC over the years, it may need to be replaced much earlier than its 10th birthday.

The good news? There are a few ways that you can ensure your AC lasts as long as possible, including:

  1. Scheduling annual maintenance with a professional
  2. Cleaning and replacing air filters regularly
  3. Opening all supply and return vents
  4. Keeping temperatures consistent (with a smart thermostat)

We’ll discuss these 4 easy tips below and explain why these tips can help lengthen the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

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Tip #1: Schedule annual maintenance with a professional

There's a reason this is the first suggestion on our list. Scheduling annual maintenance with a licensed professional is the best way to extend the life of your AC system.


The more efficiently your system is running, the longer it will last. If part of your AC system isn’t working the way it should be, the whole system has to work harder to compensate, resulting in more wear and tear and a shortened lifespan.

The best way to prevent a premature AC death is with professional maintenance.

During a tune-up, a professional will clean and inspect your system for any issues. If there are issues, they'll recommend repairs to keep your AC healthy and running strong.

This way, when it comes time to turn your AC on for the summer, all parts are working correctly and efficiently, extending the lifespan of your system as a whole.

Tip #2: Clean and replace air filters regularly

For your AC system to run efficiently, it needs to have a consistent supply of air.

When your air filters are dirty, the airflow to the AC is reduced, making it more difficult for your AC system to run efficiently.

The harder your AC has to work to do its job, the more wear and tear you’ll see on your system.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your air filters every month or when you notice they are dirty.

Clean air filter vs. dirty air filter

Not sure what a dirty air filter looks like? The filter to the right is a dirty filter that needs to be replaced.

Tip #3: Open all supply and return vents

Many people think closing vents in unused rooms will decrease energy costs, but this is not true. Closing supply or return vents can actually damage your AC system, increase energy bills and decrease your AC’s lifespan.


When you close a vent, pressure can build in the duct system. This can cause air leaks and your blower motor to work harder.

If there are air leaks in your system, your AC has to produce more conditioned air to account for the air that is lost through those leaks.

The solution? Open all supply and return vents before turning your AC system on for the season. You should also ensure vents aren’t being blocked by anything, like furniture.

Tip #4: Avoid significant temperature swings (Smart Thermostat)

One way to give your AC a break and extend its lifespan is by avoiding significant temperature swings.

We all want to save money on utility bills, and many people attempt to save on their summer energy bills by turning up their thermostat when they’re not at home.

BUT, turning your AC up while you’re gone and then cranking it down when you get home is actually very hard on your AC and can result in faster wear and tear on your system.

To keep your AC running for longer, our suggestion would be to invest in a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature higher when you’re away but gradually changes the temperature so that by the time you arrive back home, the temperature is where you want it. This allows you to:

  • Save some money on your energy bill
  • Alleviate the strain of significant temperature changes on your AC
  • Give your AC a break when you don’t need your home cooled

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