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4 Ways to Decrease Allergens in Your Home this Spring

2019 Apr 02
4 ways to decrease allergens in your home this spring

Spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer weather, lots of sunshine and...allergy season.

To help minimize those dreaded allergy symptoms, we'll show you how to cut down on the number of allergens you bring into your home this season.

4 ways to decrease the number of allergens in your home include:

  1. Adjusting your thermostat when dusting
  2. Cleaning your floor (the right way)
  3. Investing in a good air filtration system
  4. Scheduling yearly AC maintenance

We'll explain these 4 methods in more detail below.

Allergen Reducing Tip #1: Adjust your thermostat when dusting

Dust can be the catalyst for many allergies, so minimizing the amount of dust in your home is the first place you should start.

Okay, but how? Turn your thermostat from AUTO to ON when dusting.

Why? Turning your thermostat to ON keeps the blower fan on constantly instead of only during cooling cycles. This ensures that the dust that gets kicked up when you dust your home is sucked into the system and gets trapped in the filter rather than blown into other areas of your house.

Note: Make sure when you're done cleaning, you turn your fan setting back to AUTO. If you leave it set to ON, it could increase your electricity bill.

You can learn more about this tip on our blog, “This Thermostat Trick Helps You Dust Your Home.

A few additional tips for dusting include:

  • Dust with an absorbent cloth- This way, dust doesn’t get picked up and moved into other areas of your home.
  • Keep your home uncluttered- The fewer things you have in your home, the fewer places there are for dust to settle.
  • Wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets- In the spring, when windows and doors are likely open more often, you should wash your sheets, pillowcases and blankets at least once a week. This not only prevents dust but other allergens that could be affecting you, like pollen, pet dandruff, pet hair, etc.

Allergen Reducing Tip #2: Don’t let your floor become a home for allergens

Your floor is a great home and hiding place for all kinds of allergens, as they can easily settle into the corners of a room or in your carpet without being noticed. A few tips for keeping those allergens at bay include:

  • Vacuum weekly- You should look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This will pick up small allergens that could be bothering you.
  • The less carpet the better- As much as we love our comfortable carpets, they're a nightmare during allergen season. That's because they're a great hiding spot for allergens.
  • Shampoo carpet & rugs- If you do have carpet, shampooing your carpet once a year is a great way to prevent allergens from staying in your carpet.
  • Extra tip: While you’re at it, shampoo your pets too! Pet hair and dander can easily get caught in your carpet, causing allergies to worsen.

Allergen Reducing Tip #3: Invest in a good air filter

There are a variety of great air filters. For decreasing allergens in your home, we would suggest a small-particle or HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. This kind of filter forces air through a fine mesh and traps harmful particles and allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, etc.

Another option that can potentially help decrease allergens & pollutants in your home is an electronic air cleaner.

An electronic air cleaner traps larger particles (pet dander, dust, etc.) in a prefilter and traps smaller particles (bacteria, mold, etc.) in an electrically charged filter. This prevents airborne contaminants from recirculating through your home.

Allergen Reducing Tip #4: Schedule Yearly AC Maintenance

To reduce allergens and keep your utility bills as low as possible, you should invest in yearly AC maintenance and duct cleaning.

Yearly maintenance not only helps to ensure that your system is working correctly, it helps ensure that your system is blowing clean air into your home.

Want to invest in AC maintenance?

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