3 Useful Online Resources For Lowering Your Cooling Costs

2013 Jun 11
Posted in: Air Conditioning

It’s scary looking through your mail in the summer.

You’re dreading that utility bill which will show you how much you won’t be spending on eating out or new clothes.

But what if we told you that summer utility bills didn’t have to be huge money pits in the hot Phoenix-metro area?

You can cut a lot off your utility bills if you know what to do. You just need some guidance.

Here are 3 useful online resources that will tell you exactly what you need to do so you can keep more money in your bank to spend it on things you really want.

1) Energy Star Home Advisor

The Energy Star Home Advisor is like having your own energy efficiency expert at your beck and call.

It recommends home improvement projects that will increase energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

2) Energy.gov’s Summer Energy-Saving Tips

Here’s a great compilation of Energy.gov’s pages that are dedicated to lowering your home’s cooling costs. It contains links to information about:

  • Using your windows to gain cool air and keep out heat
  • Operating your thermostat efficiently
  • Using your fan strategically to cool your home
  • Keeping your cooling system running efficiently
  • Keeping hot air from leaking into your home

3) SRP Home Energy Manager and Other Utility Company Tools

For you Phoenix-area homeowners who use SRP, you should take advantage of the home energy manager.

After logging into your online account, the Home Energy Manager shows you how much energy you're using compared to similar homes and then suggests how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

It can even calculate how much money you can save by upgrading to more energy efficient heating and cooling appliances.

Don’t use SRP?

No worries! APS has a Home Energy Analysis tool that allows you to look at your energy use and learn how to save on your energy bill.

SouthWest Gas also offers a similar tool called the Home Energy Saver.

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