3 Tricks That Keep Your Fall HVAC Bills Super Low

2018 Sep 20
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Okay, to be fair, Phoenix doesn’t really have true “fall weather”.

The good news about that, though, is that if you do things right during our unique fall season, you could end up with crazy low utility bills.

To keep your fall bills super low, follow these “tricks”:

  • Drop the temperature at night
  • Open your drapes during the day
  • Schedule heating maintenance now (before the cold weather)

We’ll explain the logic behind each of these tips below.


Trick #1: Drop the temperature at night

Why this works: The lower you set your thermostat, the less often your heat will run at night (which saves you money).

The average low temperatures in Phoenix during the fall season are:

  • September- low of 75
  • October- low of 64
  • November- low of 52

That said, it might be tempting to keep your thermostat set somewhere in the mid to low 70s. But that means your heater will likely run a lot during the night to keep your home warm.

Instead, we suggest dropping the thermostat lower than you typically do. In fact, as we’ve explained before, 65° is apparently the best temperature for sleeping. But of course, if you’re willing to drop it lower, go for it.

Just remember, the less your heater runs through the night, the less energy it’s consuming (and the less electricity you’re being charge for).


Trick #2: Open the drapes during the day

Why this works: Opening the drapes during the day (while you’re out) allows heat into your home. This keeps your home warmer at night, which means you won’t have to run the heat as much.

Let’s face it—in Phoenix, “fall” daytime temperatures are still pretty warm. For example:

  • October daytime temperatures: average high of 89°
  • November daytime temperatures: average high of 76°

Because of this, most Phoenix homeowners are in the habit of keeping their shades drawn to keep heat out of the home. But we suggest keeping them open.

Over the course of the day, your home will accumulate heat. Which means, when the temperatures drop in the evening, your home will still maintain that heat and you won’t have to run the heat nearly as much.

If you want to keep that heat in your home even longer, just draw the shades/curtains at night. This will help prevent heat loss through the night.


Trick #3: Get your heating system maintained before winter

Why this works: Getting heating maintenance keeps your system efficient—which means lower energy bills.

Getting maintenance before the cold season hits means your system will already be prepared to run smoothly and efficiently. Which means you’ll start saving money on energy bills right away (instead of halfway through the cold season).

Plus, when you schedule maintenance ahead of time, you’ll beat the rush. Most homeowners wait until the first pass of cold weather to call us for maintenance. Which means, if you wait until the cold weather arrives to schedule maintenance, you likely won’t get the appointment day and time that you want. But when you schedule ahead of time, you get priority scheduling.

So, schedule your heating maintenance now to save time and money.


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