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3 Honest Mistakes That Can Harm Your Furnace

Winter is coming. And it’s time to start thinking about how you can keep your furnace in tip-top shape so that it doesn’t conk out on you mid-winter.

But if you’re like most homeowners in Arizona, you’re probably doing 3 seemingly harmless things that can damage your furnace and cause costly repairs.

Want to find out what those 3 furnace mistakes are? Read on. We’ll explain:

Mistake #1: Never replacing air filters

Dirty Air Filter

Clean air filter (left) vs a dirty, clogged air filter (right)

It’s easy to forget to check and replace your furnace filter. It’s even understandable. You have a lot on your mind. You’re busy. Who can be bothered to replace a flimsy filter?

But, unfortunately, it’s a bad mistake to make.

You see, when your furnace is forced to run with a clogged filter, it’s a lot like trying to breathe with a heavy blanket over your mouth and nose. That would make you work harder to get enough oxygen, right?

Well, that’s the same thing your furnace thinks. And it causes a whole host of harmful consequences, including:

  • Extra strain on motors
  • Reduced lifespan of furnace
  • Dirt and dust polluting the inside of your HVAC system
  • Complete furnace failure

Mistake #2: Closing vents in unused parts of the home

Air Vents

For the love of your furnace (and wallet) keep these guys open!

Most Arizona homeowners think that they’ll save money by closing vents in rooms or areas that don’t need heat. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, it can cost you even more in energy bills and costly repairs.

Why? Well, all closing vents does is create extra pressure inside your air ducts. And all that extra pressure can lead to:

  • Decreased airflow for furnaces with PSC blowers
  • Increased duct leakage
  • Higher energy bills for furnaces with ECM blowers
  • Less comfort
  • Damaged heat exchangers (leading to possible carbon monoxide leaks)
  • Condensation and mold growth
Closed Supply Vents

Closing air vents causes air duct leakage, which increases your energy bills.

How to correct it: Leave all air vents open and adjust thermostat temperatures instead.

Mistake #3: Never getting furnace maintenance

It’s true that us Arizonans barely use our furnaces. But that’s no reason to skimp on furnace maintenance.

You see, over time, your furnace loses efficiency (yes, even if it doesn’t get much use). And that translates to higher and higher energy bills for you. For example, dirty blower components can cause a 15% decrease in efficiency (which means you’re paying 15% more than you should in energy bills).

Furnace maintenance ensures your system stays as efficient as possible. But that’s not all maintenance does. Keeping your furnace regularly maintained by a professional prevents your warranty from being voided and prevents costly breakdowns/repairs.

How to correct it: Get your furnace maintained once a year prior to heating season.

Schedule your furnace maintenance today

If you’re guilty of one or two of these furnace mistakes, you’ll want to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your unit.

During one of our routine maintenance check-up’s, we’ll examine your furnace for trouble areas.